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The Biggest Lottery Winners: Where are They Now?

Most folks consider that every one lottery winners stay luckily ever after, however that actually isn’t the truth for lots of them. Even with loads of tens of thousands and thousands at their disposal, the most important jackpot winners are nevertheless everyday people. And meaning they nevertheless have their personal troubles to address just like the relaxation folks.

For lots of those people, prevailing the lottery wasn't the golden price price tag they had imagined it to be. Some might also additionally have had higher good fortune than others, however for the maximum part, those memories show that having masses of cash would not exempt you from life's challenges.

In this mega listing of lottery winners, we have got compiled the record-breaking jackpots from the maximum famous lotteries throughout the world. Find out who the most important winners are, and what every one has been as much as for the reason that claiming their prize.

Here are the record-breaking jackpots from the most important lotteries across the world:

Powerball USA

Jackpot AmountDate of DrawingWinner(s)Location
1.$1.58 BillionJanuary 13, 2016John and Lisa Robinson;
Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt;
Marvin and Mae Acosta
2.$768.4 MillionMarch 27, 2019Manuel FrancoWisconsin
3.$758.7 MillionAugust 27, 2017Mavis WanczykMassachusetts
4.$687.8 MillionOctober 27, 2018Robert Bailey
Lerynne West
New York;
5.$590.5 MillionMay 18, 2013Gloria McKenzieFlorida
Mega Millions
1.$1.53 BillionOctober 23, 2018Anonymous winnerSouth Carolina
2.$656 MillionMarch 30, 2012Merle and Patrica Butler;
A group known as “The Three Amigos”;
Anonymous winner
3.$648 MillionDecember 17, 2013Ira Curry;
Steve Tran
4.$543 MillionJuly 24, 2018Group of 11 coworkersCalifornia
5.$536 MillionJuly 8, 2016Anonymous coupleIndiana
1.€190 MillionOctober 8, 2019Anonymous winnerUnited Kingdom
2.€190 MillionAugust 10, 2012Adrian and Gillian BayfordUnited Kingdom
3.€190 MillionOctober 24, 2014Anonymous winnerPortugal
4.€190 MillionOctober 6, 2017Anonymous winnerSpain
5.€187 MillionJune 7, 2013Anonymous winner;
Anonymous winner

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